Providing an insight into various vertical markets with valuable knowledge and know-hows.

  • Field Service

    Traditionally, there are many challenges facing field service industry and they mainly fall into the following three categories. One is the rising cost of manual labor. Another challenge is often associated with high false rate of manual data input. The other challenge lies in personnel safety on job sites. To solve these challenges and enhance overall operation efficiency in the industry, decreasing human labor on site by replacing them with suitable devices is a possible option. By providing these right devices, Ubiqconn helps shorten factory owners’ operation time and lower their operation budgets.

  • Diagnostic Tools

    As technologies continue to advance, more and more professionals begin to use diagnostic tools in their everyday work and those in the vehicle market are not an exception. Most automobile manufacturing plants and automobile repair plants apply diagnostic tools for examining and fixing vehicle systems and parts. They depend on diagnostic tools to fulfill either quality control or vehicle status examination. The application of such diagnostic tools at the two venues, however, occurs at quite different a stage. Let’s find out what are the differences, and what Ubiqconn can do for your vehicle business.

  • Building Automation

    In order to use energy and water more efficiently, smart buildings have become a trend in recent years. Not only do we see such a trend kicking in commercial buildings but also do we see it appearing in residential buildings. By deploying sensors to monitor the usage of water and electricity, building automation allows you to get greener and spend less. Needless to say, it’s quite challenging to be eco-friendly and we can well expect that there are different layers of requirements for a smart building as each floor requires different smart solutions. Let’s take a look at these requirements and solutions in details.

  • Medical

    The medical industry market can never be underestimated as a hospital is the place where a person first greets the world and will also end up expecting his death. That being said, we can expect that the medical industry’s, or a hospital’s, requirements involve a series of complex processes which however can be simply divided into the following four stages: an ambulance stage, an operating room stage, a recovery room stage, and a general ward stage. Now let’s find out what requirements are involved in the four stages and what Ubiqconn’s products and services can best satisfy such a need.

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