Software Service

Providing valued-add service to exceed customer expectations.

Providing valued-add service to exceed customer expectations.

Software Service

With the advent of new technology and increasing market competition, it is vital to provide valued-add service to exceed customer expectations. Ubiqconn' s software team provide a range of software services that comes to you aid for product differentiation advantages at an optimal cost.

Configuration Services

Ubiqconn software team has an expertise on Linux, Android and Windows platform. We are able to provide OS porting services and custom CMOS/BIOS setting.

BSP Services

We provide comprehensive Board Support Packages (BSPs) for various OS (Linux, Android) on X86 and Arm device to build a stable and reliable platform. Supporting customer to get Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification is additional service we offer.

Dashboard Utility

Our intuitive visualization dashboard facilitates device management and configuration, while offering an unique interface to match your brand identity. The corresponding SDK is also provided for your application development.

Tailor-Made API

We provide custom application development services tailored to satisfy your exclusive needs.

OTA Service

Manually deploying new software and configurations to multiple systems is a difficult, time-consuming and cost- prohibitive task. Ubiqconn's OTA (Over-the-Air) is aimed at remote control and support firmware, system image and application updates.

Production Test Program

The automated testing is a vital component of production processes and facilitates increased productivity and reduced downtime as well as seamless hardware-software Integration. We also provide test program for customer specified components.

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