Delivering a full range of software and hardware technologies with precision and dedication.

Rugged Mechanical Structure

To deliver the robust rugged tablet to survive in specific field applications in harsh environments, the Rugged Mechanical Structure (RMS) of Ubiqconn's technologies provides the most reliable and the ultimate solution without compromising on any use...

Smart Battery Management

Without compromising on high mobility in extreme environments, the Smart Battery Management (SBM) of Ubiqconn technologies provides the sophisticated solution to eliminate power-related downtime and ensures uninterrupted power supply.

Wide-Range Vehicle Power

Facing the irregular vehicle supply voltage and offensive noises from vehicle power network's devices, Ubiqconn's Wide-Range Vehicle Power (WVP) delivers the best noise immunity and the steadiest vehicle power. WVP is not only the most important tech...

Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Ubiqconn's Seamless Wireless Connectivity (SWC) technology supports different types of wireless applications and delivers comprehensive solutions for high/ low data rate and various distances. The reliable connections and optimized wireless performan...

Software Service

With the advent of new technology and increasing market competition, it is vital to provide valued-add service to exceed customer expectations. Ubiqconn' s software team provide a range of software services that comes to you aid for product different...

In-House Lab

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