Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Achieving the best RF performance with our extensive RD experience.

Achieving the best RF performance with our extensive RD experience.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Ubiqconn's Seamless Wireless Connectivity (SWC) technology supports different types of wireless applications and delivers comprehensive solutions for high/ low data rate and various distances. The reliable connections and optimized wireless performance can achieve ubiquitous connectivity.

Optimized Wireless Design & Deployment

Our SWC technology deploys the optimal placement of antennas and offers the customized antenna solutions to reach the best performance of transmitting and receiving RF signals in their radiation patterns, gain, and efficiency.

Sensitivity Enhancement

The RF performance is related not only to the antenna design but also to the system noise floor. With the SWC technology, the noise is suppressed to a minimum level to enhance the receiving sensitivity.

Carrier Certification Assistance

Understanding the OTA requirements for many of the major carriers, our in-house RF team incorporates these requirements into the RF design from antenna patterns, mechanical structures, to system deployment. And we have the ability to provide the certification service of telecom carriers.

High Performance Transmission

Ubiqconn has extensive experience in RF design that could accurately control RF transmit power to meet the requirement of specific separation distance. Such RF design has passed the latest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standards.

High Precision Positioning

Without compromising on the GNSS performance, the SWC technology can improve the positioning accuracy and reduce the delay in Time To First Fix (TTFF).

Configurable RF Architecture

We provide customized RF routing paths and external antennas to strengthen the signals in weak coverage areas. The RF path selection can also be configured through a dedicated docking station.

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