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The harsh environment of offshore ports has always been a challenge for cargo operations, with factors such as shock and vibration and server compatibility. The Port of Taichung seeks to eliminate these problems through a suitable device that can provide backward compatibility with their server, as well as anti-shock & vibration for gantry crane application.

For this purpose, Ubiqconn presents the VT1020, a rugged In-Vehicle terminal for efficient port management with MIL-STD-810G shock & vibration. Ubiqconn also provide software support to fulfill customer's special demands.

Regular industrial In-Vehicle terminal doesn't emphasize on strong software support according to their customer's demand. Yet, one of the major requests from the customer in this case is the backward compatibility with their AS-400 server, since most of the current operating systems aren't compatible with an unsupported server system. After various testing and tuning with our software support team, we are able to set VT1020's Windows 7/8/10 operating system compatible with the AS-400 server through remote client (TN5250) software.

When the gantry crane is in operations, the swaying motions of the spreader will spread to the rest of the crane structure. The triggered motion will transfer to the operator's cabin causing shock and vibration. Thus the port manager aims to install a durable hardware device that is guarded against these physical impacts. VT1020 is met with MIL-STD-810G anti-shock & vibration standards which is able to maintain stable working conditions even under the amplified shock and vibration caused by the swaying motion of the crane.

VT1020's ruggedness and compatibility enables the Taichung port to integrate smooth operations and gain an unmatched competitive edge in the port services market.

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