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Integrating Smart Warehouse Management and Ruggedness

Warehouse management is a challenging task for managers as control center and forklift workers needs to constantly allocate different routes to maximize productivity. With all the forklifts located in various sections, managers need to send each forklift to the required task destination while maintaining time efficiency and pickup precision. To assist managers with the ideal warehouse solution, Ubiqconn presents the VT-1020, a rugged in-vehicle terminal that integrates smart warehouse management and ruggedness.

Smooth Connections
Most warehouses are designed with a certain number of access points that provides wireless connections to each forklift. Above all, staying connected with control center is a key factor. Focusing on this factor, the VT-1020 from Ubiqconn offers a smooth and continuous wireless connection in between the access point connectors with the equipped Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & optional 3G/4G,

Solid Durability
During a warehouse operation, collisions and impacts are common accidents that many workers will encounter. With this in mind, the VT-1020 is built with solid durability of industrial grade ruggedness and MIL-STD-810G anti-shock & vibrations. The needed ruggedness secures the device and saves managers from replacement expenses.

Enduring Performance
For different warehouses, the required working temperatures can be different and maintaining device operation is a key factor to warehouse productivity. The VT-1020 operates at a temperature range from 55°C to -30°C which ensures reliable performance under industrial temperatures.

Integrating smart warehouse management with ruggedness, Ubiqconn's got you covered on your warehouse productivity.

About Ubiqconn
Ubiqconn Technology Incorporated is an innovative manufacturing company that specializes in industrial IoV solutions and embedded IoT solutions. For Industrial IoV solutions, we continue to develop and expand the product range of logistics & transportation applications. For Embedded IoT solutions, we offer all series of low power System on Module to accomplish the needs of customization. Ubiqconn is a subsidiary of the FIC Group, a leader in global high-tech design, engineering and manufacturing for over 35 years. Given this experience, Ubiqconn's professional team also provides high quality assurance in ODM and OEM products. With a perfect balance between technology and application know-how, Ubiqconn can achieve the customer demand to conquer the increasing challenge in IoT. For more information visit: Ubiqconn website.

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