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Creating New IoT Business Opportunity Using COM
The rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has promoted technological ubiquity and brought forth a fourth industrial revolution (Industrial 4.0). With the various technological improvements in Industrial IoT, industrial manufacturers require rapid sensor devices and real-time control systems for their automated productions, thus the embedded computer on module is introduced and play an important role in Intelligent Industrial 4.0. To fulfill Industrial 4.0's growing market demands in all kinds of industrial applications, Ubiqconn launches a series of high performance, low power, wide temperature range, and small form factor embedded computer on module (COM).

Computer on Module Accelerates Embedded System Development
Base on the requirement of special industrial harsh environment, Ubiqconn presents a whole series of COM products that are adaptable to industrial harsh environments, including small form factor, fanless support, high performance, low power consumption, wide temperature range, high humidity, and anti-vibration to fulfill the customers' needs in reducing development cost and time. The customers can speed up in developing the right embedded system for themselves by using the COM on their customized carrier board. Thus, the customers don't need to redesign the whole circuit board and go through the hassle when the CPU has been phased out as before; they just need to replace the old COM board with a new one. COM products significantly shorten the preparation in time to market of their new embedded system.

Enhanced Flexibility for COM Design to Monitor Equipment Status
Ubiqconn focus on producing high performance, low power consumption, wide temperature range, and small form factor applications, and will release the whole series of low power consumption COM by the end of 2016, including the different specifications in different modules of COM Express (COM Express Basic, COM Express Compact & COM-Express Mini) as well as SMARC standards small form factor. So as to meet a variety of application needs in factory automation, transportation, gaming and medical etc. The solution for data collection and edge gateway in which the low power COM products provided includes the whole process from the frontline sensors which can continuously monitor and collect the data node of all kinds of temperatures, humidity and raw material information in manufacturing process; transfer data node to edge gateway to filter out the abnormal node and integrate the appropriate data; then the data is sent to cloud servers for big data analysis and intelligent IoT management.

To meet the Industrial IoT trend and fulfill the needs of a variety of differentiated industrial computing, Ubiqconn sets COM products as our core to provide fast customization for Intelligent IoT gateways and assists customers' industrial application system in faster time to market, better return on investment, and capture endless IoT opportunities.

About Ubiqconn
Ubiqconn Technology Incorporated is an innovative manufacturing company that specializes in industrial Internet of Vehicle (IoV) solutions and embedded Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. For Industrial IoV solutions, we continue to develop and expand the product range of logistics & transportation applications. For Embedded IoT solutions, we offer all series of low power Computer on Module to accomplish the needs of customization. Ubiqconn is a subsidiary of the FIC Group, a leader in global high-tech design, engineering and manufacturing for over 35 years. Given this experience, Ubiqconn's professional team also provides high quality assurance in ODM and OEM products. With a perfect balance between technology and application know-how, Ubiqconn can achieve the customer demand to conquer the increasing challenge in IoT. For more information, please visit: Ubiqconn Website.

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